The Importance of Mailing Lists

A direct mail campaign is most successful when the mailing piece is sent to a highly targeted group of individuals – people you know or believe are receptive to buying your product or service. Compare this to Newspaper and magazine advertising, which is very expensive because you are paying per reader, not per prospect. The vast majority of the readership has no interest on your product or service.

Your targeted mailing list can be comprised of your existing customers and prospects. Or, if you don’t have a list of prospects, there are mailing list services available where you can purchase a list that targets your market according to any number of demographic criteria, such as location, age, gender, income, type of business or industry etc. (Arrow Mailing can help you with this!)

Direct Mail List Accuracy

Your existing database will quickly go out of date. People move, postal codes change, original data entry may be present and some people may have signed up with a “do not mail me” registration service. It is essential that your existing database is professionally cleaned before you undertake any mailing.

The extra cost of sending mailings to undeliverable or unwanted addresses far outweigh the cost of cleaning your data. So take care when you take down details. If your prospect's name is spelled incorrectly, they are unlikely to order from you.

Buying a mailing list

If you don’t have a list of your own, you can actually buy or rent a mailing list. This is effective when you are a new business or you want to expand into new market areas. There are mailing list services that specialize in compiling accurate mailing lists for any business type of mailing you could imagine. Want to target 40 year old dog lovers who drive and live in Toronto? No problem! You can be that accurate and more.

When you target your market like this, you are not wasting money by mailing to people who will not be interested in your product or service. Once the prospect replies to you directly, you can legitimately add their name and address to your own mailing list and contact them again in the future. In this way, you will build up your own database of customers and prospects. This will become the core of your business.

Arrow Mailing can help you acquire a proper mailing list and show you ways to save. Contact Us today for great advice on how you can be successful with an accurate mailing list.

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