Direct Mail - Not Junk Mail

Do not confuse Direct Mail with Junk Mail. If your offer is sent to the wrong group of people, or to an incomplete or incorrect address, then it is just junk mail - a waste of your time and advertising budget. Remember, you’ll have greater results with direct mail when you target a specific market group that you believe will be interested in receiving your information.

Always remember that your mailing is only as good as the address that it is sent to, so make sure that you use a good mailing list. An example of junk mail would be if a company sent a nicely produced, glossy brochure on their Window installation services - to everyone who lives in a multi-story apartment building! These people have no use for your services as it is the building owner that manages this. But if you had a carpet cleaning business, an apartment building is a great target to consider!

Mailing to people who hate receiving direct mail, whose address is incomplete or incorrect, or to those who have no interest in your product or service is a waste of your marketing budget. Identify your prospects before sending a mailing. Remember, Direct Mail is cost effective, easy to measure, and highly effective when you use a targeted list and send your mail to specific types of customers.

That brings us to our next subject – The Importance of Mailing Lists.

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