Points To Remember About Direct Mail


    This can’t be stressed this enough. By proper testing you will be able to determine which type of mailing gets the best response from your prospects or customers. Do they respond best to short letters or long letters? Do they respond better to a 30% or 40% discount? Once you have a winning campaign, you can use it over and over again – even in new markets!
  2. You can’t please everyone

    Some people hate direct mail and would never respond. Many people sign up for “do not mail me” lists. This means you need to check with the registration service to ensure you are not sending to one of these people. It is essential that you remove these people from your database.
  3. A clean and accurate list is very important

    Your prospect’s name and address data must be cleaned to a high standard before mailing, to avoid expensive undeliverable mail.
  4. Be professional

    Don't send cheap photocopies in even cheaper envelopes with a crude label stuck on. They’ll most likely end up in the garbage. Budget properly. Plan strategically. Prepare professionally. And you’ll have a more successful mailing.
  5. Brand Awareness Counts Too!

    Remember that even if your prospect hasn’t replied this time, you have at least increased your brand awareness. This is much harder to measure, but there is always some long-term benefit to be gained by simply putting your company name in front of the right pair of eyes.
  6. Direct Mail is a repetitive process

    It may take a few mailings before you get a response, so don’t give up. Keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. Don’t just sell and forget. Customers are three times more likely to buy from you than cold prospects are.
  7. Don’t forget the “Up Sell!”

    This can be an upgrade or complementary product. You may make two sales instead of just the one!
  8. Good marketing today is all about “Communication”

    Keep in touch and reward loyalty. Send out seasonal offers, ask their opinion, send Christmas cards and birthday card to let them know you appreciate their business.
  9. Use Professional Services

    Use an established mailing house like Arrow Mailing to handle your direct mail campaign. The savings that they can offer on postal discounts, data cleaning and efficient timing will far outweigh service fees. Instead of stuffing and licking envelopes, you can spend the time managing and growing your business.

Direct mail can be a wonderful way of building your business - if it is done properly. To find out how you can succeed with Direct Mail, contact Arrow Mailing today! We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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