About Arrow Mailing

Since 1988, Arrow Mailing has been a trusted partner in Canadian Mail and Parcel distribution. We are located at the United States and Canadian border in Windsor, Ontario. Our goal is to help customers gain an understanding about the options available with Canadian Mail and assist them in achieving a successful mail campaign. It's our job to provide you with mailing options in Canada. The choice is yours.

We are serious about Canada...if you are too, call us.


Many thanks to Arrow Mailing for helping me cut my Direct Mail costs and still achieve a high response rate! You guys are the best.
~ Zachary P.

Your professionalism and keen industry knowledge has been a great asset to my company. By helping us develop a great mailing list, you’ve helped our business exceed our sales goals for this year! Thanks!
~ Melinda S.

We needed to get our packages into Canada quickly in order to meet a tight sales promotion deadline. I must say…Great job! My packages crossed the border in record time. We made our deadline thanks to your special attention. A very positive experience!
~ Peter D.

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